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CN10: Storyboarding for Designers and Design Researchers

Quick Facts

Time: Tuesday, 13 April 2010, 9:00 to 13:00
Units: 2
Organizers: P.J. Stappers


The participants will understand what storyboarding techniques are available, how the techniques can be applied, and how skills at applying these can be developed.


The course is aimed at the general CHI audience, previous experience is not needed. Researchers, designers, usability professionals, design managers will benefit from the mixture of theoretical principles, reflection on cases from industrial practice in Europe, and practical guidelines.


This workshop builds on earlier versions given at various locations, mainly to product design and interaction design audiences.
  • 2nd International Conference on Appliance Design at HP, Bristol, UK, 2004.
  • Master course Context & Conceptualization, TU Delft, 2004-2008
  • RichViz! projects, TU Delft, 2006
  • Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organisation (JIDPO) seminar, June 2007;
  • International Association of Societies of Design Research (iasdr), Seoul, 18 October 2009
The practical exercises with the tutorial have been applied and developed in the Bachelor and Master design education at TU Delft, and at various design meetings across Europe.


Aim of the tutorial is to convey a mix of theory, guidelines, and practical exercise which helps participants to
  • understand storyboarding within a communication framework
  • see the connections to other design tools
  • start applying the technique in their work
  • see directions to explore improving their skills
  • experience hands-on how storyboards bridge communication gaps and draw attention to important design aspects which otherwise remain undiscussed.


P.J. Stappers is professor of design techniques, and leads a research group on supporting designers in the conceptual phase of design. Visualization, interactive prototypes, and user studies (design ethnography, contextmapping) are key words describing the research. Stappers is an experienced teacher and researcher, having published over 100 conference and journal papers on design techniques. (For more info, see Stappers on www.studiolab.nl)

dr.ir. F. Sleeswijk Visser, ir. H. van Rijn, dr. ir. W. Aprile, and/or other members of ID-StudioLab present for the conference.