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CHI Communities

The field of human-computer interaction is built on the premise of diversity, balance, and collaboration. We believe that our strength lies in seeing problems from multiple viewpoints and in integrating expertise from multiple domains to find solutions.

CHI has identified several major communities of practice: Design, User Experience, Engineering, Management. Each community comprises chairs and committees who are experts in the domain and who have had significant experience working within the greater CHI community.

CHI communities serve three major roles: (1) They are the primary entry points and guides for researchers and practitioners new to CHI. Each of the community pages describes the community, its personality, and provides guidance on its role within CHI. (2) They serve as advisors across most of the submission venues, and are instrumental in creating the most interesting and informative program. In this role, they advise respective venue chairs on issues surrounding the culture and expectations of work in the domain. For several venues (e.g. Case Studies and Panels), authors must also choose the community or communities that they would like to review their paper. (3) They are responsible for driving innovative community-specific events and venues. If you have ideas, please contact the appropriate chairs.