Performance Showcase

The Reactable: Tangible and Tabletop Music Performance
Sergi Jorda, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Reactable Systems, Spain
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We present the Reactable, a new electronic musical instrument with a simple and intuitive tabletop interface that turns music into a tangible and visual experience. The Reactable is built upon a tabletop interface, which is controlled by manipulating tangible acrylic pucks on its surface. By rotating and connecting these pucks on the Reactable’s translucent and luminous round surface, performers can combine different elements like synthesizers, sample loops or control elements in order to create a unique and flexible composition. As soon as any puck is placed on the Reactable’s surface, it is illuminated and starts to interact with the other neighboring pucks, according to their positions and proximity. These interactions are visible on the table surface that acts as a screen, giving instant feedback about what is currently going on, turning music into something visible and tangible.

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