CHI 2010 Media Showcase: Video Program

Update: List of CHI 2010 Video Award Winners

Tuesday, April 13
18:30 AM - 20:00 PM

COGKNOW Day Navigator: The System in Daily Life
Johannes Boer

ContraVision: Presenting Contrasting Visions of Future Technology
Blaine A. Price, Clara Mancini, Yvonne Rogers, Arosha K. Bandara, Tony Coe, Adam N. Joinson, Jeffrey Lay, Bashar Nuseibeh

Counterlines: a Duet for Piano and Pen Display
Javier Sanchez, Jaroslaw Kapuscinski

Exploring Information Spaces by Using Tangible Magic Lenses in a Tabletop Environment
Martin Spindler, Raimund Dachselt, Otto-von-Guericke

Gest - Exploring Gestural Interaction
Ankur Sardana, Abhijit Bairagi

Mirrored Message Wall: Sharing Between Real and Virtual Space
Jung-Ho Yeom, Beng-Kiang Tan

Open Columns
Omar Khan

The Proximity Toolkit and ViconFace: The Video
Rob Diaz-Marino, Saul Greenberg

’STEPS’: Walking on the Music, Moving with Light Breathing
Yoonjung Hong, Jaesung Jo, Yoonhee Kim, Tek-Jin Nam

Tongue Music
Hye Yeon Nam, Carl DiSalvo

Whole Body Large Wall Display Interfaces
Garth Shoemaker, Takayuki Tsukitani, Kellogg S. Booth

WoW Pod
Catherine Vaucelle, Steve Shada, Marisa Jahn

ZOOZbeat - Mobile Music reCreation
Gil Weinberg, Mark Godfrey, Andrew Beck