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Interactive Learning with the Simon Robot
Andrea Lockerd-Thomaz, Maya Cakmak, Georgia Institute of Technology
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There is currently a surge of interest in having robots leave the labs and factory floors to help solve critical issues facing our society, ranging from eldercare to education We have many problems to solve before general purpose robots can function in, inherently social, dynamic human environments. A critical issue is that we will not be able to pre-program robots with every skill they will need to play a useful role in society; robots will need the ability to interact and learn new things ‘on the job.’ The goal of our research is to enable robots to learn new tasks and skills from everyday people. We focus on the key point that the robot learning by demonstration problem takes place within a social structure that can guide and constrain the learning problem. We believe that addressing this point will be essential for developing systems that can learn from everyday people that are not experts in Machine Learning or Robotics.

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