Media Showcase

The Generative Visual Renku Project: Integrating Multimedia Semantics, Animation, and User-Interface Design
Kenny Chow, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University D. Fox Harrell, Georgia Institute of Technology
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Generative Visual Renku (GVR), a new genre of visual interactive/generative art form is inspired by Japanese renku poetry and generative contemporary art. GRIOT, a system for composing generative and interactive multimedia discourse, is used to semantically constrain generated output both visually and conceptually. GVR utilizes GRIOT to implement constraints for visual composition, revealing new technical and aesthetic challenges. Since modular animated graphical systems are ubiquitous in computing culture, ranging from avatars to GUIs, GVR works pose a contribution to a breadth of HCI research and to the development of new theory and technology for integrating AI and the arts.

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