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Papers/Notes: Humans and Sociability

Wednesday, April 14
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Propitious Aggregation: Reducing Participant Burden in Ego-centric Network Data Collection
Derek Lackaff, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Experiment tests interactive social network data collection process using online instrument integrated with participants' social network site (Facebook) network. Technique reduces burdens of time and effort placed upon research participants.

Trying Too Hard? Effects of Mobile Agents' (Inappropriate) Social Expressiveness on Trust, Affect and Compliance.
Henriette Cramer, University of Amsterdam, Mobile Life Centre & SICS, Sweden
Vanessa Evers, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tim Van Slooten, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Mattijs Ghijsen, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Bob Wielinga, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Inappropriate social expressiveness can have serious consequences. This paper elaborates on potential design pitfalls based on negative results of less-than-ideal behaviour in a Wizard-of-Oz experiment with a mobile agent.

A Simple Index for Multimodal Flexibility
Antti Oulasvirta, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT, Finland
Joanna Bergstrom-Lehtovirta, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT, Finland

Presents a method to quantify the flexibility with which users can allocate their exteroceptive senses away from the interactive task.

Social Gravity: A Virtual Elastic Tether for Casual, Privacy-Preserving Pedestrian Rendezvous
John Williamson, University of Glasgow, UK
Simon Robinson, Swansea University, UK
Craig Stewart, University of Glasgow, UK
Rod Murray-Smith, University of Glasgow, UK
Matt Jones, Swansea University, UK
Stephen Brewster, University of Glasgow, UK

We demonstrate a geolocated mobile meetup system which preserves privacy and needs no visual attention, and present a detailed experiment showing the practicality of the interaction.

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