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Papers/Notes: Understanding and Supporting Programming

Tuesday, April 13
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Perceptions and Practices of Usability in the Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) Community
Michael Terry, University of Waterloo, Canada
Matthew Kay, University of Waterloo, Canada
Ben Lafreniere, University of Waterloo, Canada

Reports why open source developers are motivated to address usability concerns in the absence of economic incentives.

 End-User Mashup Programming: Through the Design Lens
Jill Cao, Oregon State University, USA
Yann Riche, Riche Design, USA
Susan Wiedenbeck, Drexel University, USA
Margaret Burnett, Oregon State University, USA
Valentina Grigoreanu, Oregon State University, Microsoft Corporation, USA

We use design theories as a lens on end-user mashup programming, revealing insights into programming as a design activity and implications for the design of end-user programming environments.

 What Would Other Programmers Do? Suggesting Solutions to Error Messages
Björn Hartmann, UC Berkeley, USA
Daniel MacDougall, Stanford University, USA
Joel Brandt, Stanford University, USA
Scott R. Klemmer, Stanford University, USA

Introduces HelpMeOut, a social recommender system that aids the debugging of error messages during programming by suggesting solutions that peers have applied in the past.

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