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Papers/Notes: Sharing Content and Searches

Tuesday, April 13
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Tools-at-Hand and Learning in Multi-Session, Collaborative Search
Robert Capra, University of North Carolina, USA
Gary Marchionini, University of North Carolina, USA
Javier Velasco-Martin, University of North Carolina, USA
Katrina Muller, University of North Carolina, USA

We present results from interviews with 30 people in three cohorts (academic, corporate, and medical information) about their current practices conducting, managing, and sharing information from ongoing, exploratory searches.

Share: A programming environment for loosely bound cooperation
Yannick Assogba, MIT Media Lab, USA
Judith Donath, Harvard University Berkman Center, USA

Describes the design of a system for programmer cooperation via code sharing in web based communities. Explores a form of collaboration centered on shared resources rather than shared goals.

FeedMe: Enhancing Directed Content Sharing on the Web
Michael S. Bernstein, MIT CSAIL, USA
Adam Marcus, MIT CSAIL, USA
David R. Karger, MIT CSAIL, USA
Robert C. Miller, MIT CSAIL, USA

We introduce FeedMe, a plug-in for Google Reader that makes link sharing a more salient part of the user experience through recipient recommendations and social feedback.

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