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Papers/Notes: User Characteristics and Large-Scale Tracking

Tuesday, April 13
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

The Effects of Diversity on Group Productivity and Member Withdrawal in Online Volunteer Groups
Jilin Chen, University of Minnesota, USA
Yuqing Ren, University of Minnesota, USA
John Riedl, University of Minnesota, USA

Longitudinal analysis of the effects of group diversity on Wikipedia based on social psychology theories. Quantitatively demonstrated the relationship between diversity measures and group performance in online volunteer groups.

Gender Demographic Targeting in Sponsored Search
Bernard J. Jansen, The Pennsylvania State University, USA
Lauren Solomon, The Pennsylvania State University, USA

This research concludes gender advertising on Web search engines doesn't generate more sales and costs more relative to gender-neutral advertising. It is beneficial for advertisers to target gender neutral advertising.

Exploring the Workplace Communication Ecology
Thea Turner, FXPAL, USA
Pernilla Qvarfordt, FXPAL, USA
Jake T. Biehl, FXPAL, USA
Gene Golovchinsky, FXPAL, USA
Maribeth Back, FXPAL, USA

We explore the communication ecology of a small company, providing insights on trends in technology use, how users choose among available technologies, and how technology use can define other behaviors.

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