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Papers/Notes: End-User Programming II

Tuesday, April 13
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Learning on the Job: Characterizing the Programming Knowledge and Learning Strategies of Web Designers
Brian Dorn, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Mark Guzdial, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Reports on a study of professional web developers that explores their knowledge of fundamental programming concepts and their strategies for learning new information while while working.

A Strategy-Centric Approach to the Design of End-User Debugging Tools
Valentina I. Grigoreanu, Oregon State University, Microsoft Corporation, USA
Margaret M. Burnett, Oregon State University, USA
George G. Robertson, Microsoft Research, USA

Demonstrates the potential of a strategy-centric approach to tool design through StratCel, an add-in for Excel. StratCel increased participants' debugging success. Results also include validated design guidelines for debugging tools.

Here's What I Did: Sharing and Reusing Web Activity with ActionShot
Ian Li, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Jeffrey Nichols, IBM Research - Almaden, USA
Tessa Lau, IBM Research - Almaden, USA
Clemens Drews, IBM Research - Almaden, USA
Allen Cypher, IBM Research - Almaden, USA

ActionShot creates a fine-grained history of users' browsing activities, facilitates browsing and searching through this history, and enables sharing portions of the history through established social networking tools.

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