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Papers/Notes: End-User Programming I

Monday, April 12
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

d.note: Revising User Interfaces Through Change Tracking, Annotations, and Alternatives
Björn Hartmann, UC Berkeley, USA
Sean Follmer, Stanford University, USA
Antonio Ricciardi, Stanford University, USA
Timothy Cardenas, Stanford University, USA
Scott R. Klemmer, Stanford University, USA

Introduces d.note, a revision tool for user interface prototypes. Reports two studies that compare production and interpretation of revisions in d.note to sketching on static images.

FrameWire: A Tool for Automatically Extracting Interaction Logic from Paper Prototyping Tests
Yang Li, University of Washington, USA
Xiang Cao, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK
Katherine Everitt, University of Washington , USA
Morgan Dixon, University of Washington , USA
James Landay, University of Washington , USA

Describes a system for automatically extracting interaction logic and test statistics from video clips of paper prototyping tests and generating interactive HTML-based prototypes; a way of enhancing UI prototyping practice.

 Example-Centric Programming: Integrating Web Search into the Development Environment
Joel Brandt, Stanford University Adobe Systems, USA
Mira Dontcheva, Adobe Systems, USA
Marcos Weskamp, Adobe Systems, USA
Scott Klemmer, Stanford University, USA

Presents the design and evaluation of a system that helps programmers locate example code. Findings suggest that task-specific search interfaces can significantly change how and when people search the Web.

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