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Papers/Notes: Mobile Device Interaction

Monday, April 12
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

 CrossTrainer: Testing the Use of Multimodal Interfaces in Situ
Eve Hoggan, University of Glasgow, UK
Stephen Brewster, University of Glasgow, UK

We present an 8-day study of CrossTrainer: a mobile game using crossmodal audio/tactile feedback focussing on the longitudinal effects of such feedback, the impact of location, and personal modality preference.

Newport: Enabling Sharing During Mobile Calls
Junius Gunaratne, University of California, Irvine, USA
A.J. Brush, Microsoft Research, USA

Newport is a collaborative application for sharing context (e.g. location) and content (e.g. photos and notes) during mobile phone calls. This research examines the use of mobile device sharing technology.

 Attractive Phones Don't Have To Work Better: Independent Effects of Attractiveness, Effectiveness, and Efficiency on Perceived Usability
Jeffrey M. Quinn, Sprint Nextel, USA
Tuan Q. Tran, Sprint Nextel, USA

Quantitative results from lab-based usability testing showing that product attractiveness and task performance effectiveness and efficiency all influence participant ratings of usability. Sheds light on how to interpret usability ratings.

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