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Papers/Notes: Market Models for Q&A Services

Monday, April 12
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Why Pay?: Exploring How Financial Incentives are Used for Question & Answer
Gary Hsieh, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Robert Kraut, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Scott Hudson, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Analysis of how financial incentives affect question asking, answer giving and knowledge search. Can assist participants and designers in using financial incentives on question and answer sites.

Hidden Markets: UI Design for a P2P Backup Application
Sven Seuken, Harvard University, USA
Kamal Jain, Microsoft Research, USA
Desney S. Tan, Microsoft Research, USA
Mary Czerwinski, Microsoft Research, USA

Introduces a new paradigm called "Hidden Markets" for designing market user interfaces. Explores the paradigm using a P2P backup application and presents the results from a formative usability study.

Re-examining Price as a Predictor of Answer Quality in an Online Q&A Site
Grace YoungJoo Jeon, University of Michigan, USA
Yong-Mi Kim, University of Michigan, USA
Yan Chen, University of Michigan, USA

Re-analyzes data from previous Google Answers studies by applying Heckman analysis to resolve selection bias from non-randomly missing data. Offers new explanation for role of price in a Q&A site.

Why User of Yahoo! Answers Do Not Answer Questions
David Dearman, University of Toronto, Canada
Khai N. Truong, University of Toronto, Canada

We provide insights into why members of the Yahoo! Answers community choose to not answer the questions they have read.

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