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Papers/Notes: Language 2.0

Monday, April 12
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

An Unobtrusive Behavioral Model of ?Gross National Happiness?
Adam D. I. Kramer, University of Oregon, USA

This work uses well-established HCI methods, taken in an unobtrusive manner, creates an aggregate metric out of Facebook users' updates, scales the metric to a national level, and publishes it.

 The Tower of Babel Meets Web 2.0: User-Generated Content and its Applications in a Multilingual Context
Brent Hecht, Northwestern University, USA
Darren Gergle, Northwestern University, USA

We explore language's fragmenting effect on user-generated content by examining the knowledge diversity present in 25 Wikipedia language editions. Large differences between language editions are found, and implications are discussed.

Indexicality of Language and the Art of Creating Treasures
Matti Rantanen, Systems Analysis Laboratory, Aalto University, Finland

This paper describes a creative way of using language in a location-based treasure hunt game called geocaching.

Visualizing Language Use in Team Conversations: Designing Through Theory, Experiments, and Iterations
Gilly Leshed, Cornell University, United States
Dan Cosley, Cornell University, United States
Jeffrey T. Hancock, Cornell University, United States
Geri Gay, Cornell University, United States

Presents challenges in designing GroupMeter, visualizing aspects of language use in team conversations. Discusses potential answers and lessons for collaboration-enhancing systems through theory, a series of prototypes, and experiments.

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