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Papers/Notes: Exploratory Search

Monday, April 12
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Reactive Information Foraging for Evolving Goals
Joseph Lawrance, Oregon State University Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Margaret Burnett, Oregon State University, USA
Rachel Bellamy, IBM Research, USA
Christopher Bogart, Oregon State University, USA
Calvin Swart, IBM Research, USA

We present PFIS2, a reactive model of information foraging in which the goals change. A seven-month field study demonstrated that the model predicted remarkably well where programmers navigated.

 How does search behavior change as search becomes more difficult?
Anne Aula, Google, USA
Rehan M. Khan, Google, USA
Zhiwei Guan, Google, USA

Lab and online study (200+ users) showed that behavioral signals available in search logs can distinguish users engaged in hard and easy tasks.

 Effects of Popularity and Quality on the Usage of Query Suggestions during Information Search
Diane Kelly, University of North Carolina, USA
Amber Cushing, University of North Carolina, USA
Maureen Dostert, University of North Carolina, USA
Xi Niu, University of North Carolina, USA
Karl Gyllstrom, University of North Carolina, USA

Experiment shows that people can distinguish between the query suggestion quality and are not influenced by past usage. Useful to those interested in designing social search systems and understanding behavior.

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