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alt.chi: I Need Your Input

Wednesday, April 14
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Tangible Interfaces for Download: Initial Observations from Users' Everyday Environments
Enrico Costanza, EPFL Media and Design Lab University of Southampton Southampton, UK, Swtizerland
Matteo Giaccone, EPFL Media and Design Lab WeLaika, Torino, Italy, Swtizerland
Olivier Kueng, EPFL Media and Design Lab EPFL CV Lab, Swtizerland
Simon Shelley, TUEindoven, The Netherlands
Jeffrey Huang, EPFL Media and Design Lab, Swtizerland

A tangible interface for music that can be freely and fully downloaded from a website, and an observation of its use through remote interaction logging and user generated content analysis.

Tangible Video Bubbles
Kimiko Ryokai, University of California Berkeley, United States
Hayes Raffle, Nokia Research Center Palo Alto, United States
Hiroshii Horii, Nokia Research Center Palo Alto, United States
Yotam Mann, University of California Berkeley, United States

We present Tangible Video Bubbles, a new video-based drawing space for children to create expressive video art, and discuss approaches to making video creation more concrete and playful for children.

Adaptive Mouse: A Deformable Computer Mouse Achieving Form-Function Synchronization
Sheng Kai Tang, User Experience Design Section, Mechanical & Industrial Design Center, ASUSTek Computer Inc., Taiwan
Wen Yen Tang, Virtual Reality Lab, Department of Spatial Design, Kun Shan University, Taiwan

Describes an implementation of a computer mouse with the mechanism of form-function synchronization. It gets rid of conventional design constraints to provide user intuitive operation by its deformation sensing modules.

Manual Deskterity : An Exploration of Simultaneous Pen + Touch Direct Input
Ken Hinckley, Microsoft Research, USA
Koji Yatani, Microsoft Research University of Toronto, Canada
Michel Pahud, Microsoft Research, USA
Nicole Coddington, Microsoft Corporation, USA
Jenny Rodenhouse, Microsoft Corporation, USA
Hrvoje Benko, Microsoft Research, USA
Andy Wilson, Microsoft Research, USA
Bill Buxton, Microsoft Research, Canada

We explore the simultaneous use of pen and touch to support novel compound gestures.

Planz to put our digital information in its place
William Jones, The Information School, University of Washington, USA
Dawei Hou, The Information School, University of Washington, USA
Bhuricha Deen Sethanandha, Computer Science Dept. Portland State University, USA
Eric Sheng Bi, The Information School, University of Washington, USA
Jim Gemmell, Microsoft Research, USA

Describes the evaluation of a tool able to construct integrative, document-like overlays to a folder hierarchy from the dynamic, on-demand assembly of XML fragments.

Only One Fitts? Law Formula ? Please!
Heiko Drewes, University of Munich, Germany

Despite several hundred publications on Fitts' law, there is still confusion on the topic. This paper tries to clarify which formula for Fitts' law is the right one.

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