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Papers/Notes: Software Understanding and Maintenance

Thursday, April 15
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

 Code Bubbles: A Working Set-based Interface for Code Understanding and Maintenance
Andrew Bragdon, Brown University, USA
Robert Zeleznik, Brown University, USA
Suman Karumuri, Brown University, USA
Steven P. Reiss, Brown University, USA
Joshua Kaplan, Brown University, USA
William Cheung, Brown University, USA
Christopher Coleman, Brown University, USA
Ferdi Adeputra, Brown University, USA
Joseph J. LaViola Jr., University of Central Florida, USA

We propose a novel user interface metaphor for code understanding based on collections of lightweight, editable fragments called bubbles, which form concurrently visible working sets.

How to Support Designers in Getting Hold of the Immaterial Material of Software
Fatih Kursat Ozenc, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Miso Kim, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
John Zimmerman, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Stephen Oney, Carnegie Mellon University,
Brad Myers, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

This work investigates features of future tools to support conceiving, refining, and communicating of interactive behaviors, which are challenging to grasp due to the ?immaterial' materiality of the digital domain.

?Fit and Finish? Using a Bug Tracking System ? Challenges and Recommendations
Yossi Avnon, Microsoft, USA
Scott L. Boggan, Microsoft, USA

Presents recommendations for efficiently managing UX ?fit and finish? through a bug tracking system. Can assist in developing effective processes for enhancing UI quality throughout the development cycle.

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