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Papers/Notes: Displays Where You Least Expect Them

Thursday, April 15
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

 LensMouse: Augmenting the Mouse with an Interactive Touch Display
Xing Dong Yang, University of Alberta, Canada
Edward Mak, University of Manitoba, Canada
David McCallum, University of Manitoba, Canada
Pourang Irani, University of Manitoba, Canada
Xiang Cao, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK
Shahram Izadi, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK

Present LensMouse, a novel input device that augments a mouse with an interactive touch display. Demonstrate the benefits of the LensMouse via an experiment and present novel applications and interactions.

PACER: Fine-grained Interactive Paper via Camera-touch Hybrid Gestures on a Cell Phone
Chunyuan Liao, FXPAL, U.S.A.
Qiong Liu, FXPAL, U.S.A.
Bee Liew, FXPAL, U.S.A.
Lynn Wilcox, FXPAL, U.S.A.

Present an interactive paper system based on a cell phone interface with hybrid camera and touch input. Support gesture-based interaction with fine-grained document content on paper.

 MouseLight: Bimanual Interaction on Digital Paper using a Pen and a Spatially-Aware Mobile Projector
Hyunyoung Song, University of Maryland, College Park, USA
Francois Guimbretiere, Cornell University, USA
Tovi Grossman, Autodesk Research, Canada
George Fitzmaurice, Autodesk Research, Canada

Presents a novel augmented reality system that enhances a paper surface with virtual content and executes instructions by way of a digital pen.

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