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Papers/Notes: We Are Family

Thursday, April 15
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

 Designing a Technological Playground: A Field Study of the Emergence of Play in Household Messaging
Siân E. Lindley, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK
Richard Harper, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK
Abigail Sellen, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK

Describes a field study of a home messaging device. Details four categories of playful practices that emerged, links them to a theoretical account, and draws implications for designing for play.

 The Family Window: The Design and Evaluation of a Domestic Media Space
Tejinder K. Judge, Virginia Tech, USA
Carman Neustaedter, Kodak Research Labs, USA
Andrew F. Kurtz, Kodak Research Labs, USA

A study about the use of a domestic media space with always-on video. Results can inform the design of future domestic communication and awareness technologies.

FM Radio: Family Interplay with Sonic Mementos
Daniela Petrelli, University of Sheffield, UK
Nicolas Villar, Microsoft Research, UK
Vaiva Kalnikaite, University of Sheffield, UK
Lina Dib, Rice University, USA
Steve Whittaker, University of Sheffield, UK

Based on fieldwork with families, we designed the Family Memory Radio to embody sonic digital mementos of past holidays. We describe how we encased technology into an old fashion shell.

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