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Papers/Notes: Perspectives on Design

Thursday, April 15
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Multi-lifespan Information System Design: A Research Initiative for the HCI Community
Batya Friedman, University of Washington, USA
Lisa P. Nathan, University of British Columbia, Canada

Proposes a new research initiative for the HCI community: multi-lifespan information system design. Examines key opportunities, roles, and challenges for interaction design to contribute longer-term solutions to significant real-world problems.

Designing Interactivity in Media Interfaces: A Communications Perspective
S. Shyam Sundar, Penn State University, USA
Qian Xu, Penn State University, USA
Saraswathi Bellur, Penn State University, USA

Identifies design challenges for enhancing user experience, based on concepts emerging from three species of interactivity--source, medium and message elements. Describes psychological outcomes and user engagement with interactive interfaces.

Designing with Interactive Example Galleries
Brian Lee, Stanford University, USA
Savil Srivastava, Stanford University, USA
Ranjitha Kumar, Stanford University, USA
Ronen Brafman, Stanford University, USA
Scott R. Klemmer, Stanford University, USA

Presents an interface for designing web pages with interactive example galleries. Describes three studies finding that independent raters prefer designs created with the aid of examples.

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