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Papers/Notes: Multitouch

Thursday, April 15
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Multi-touch techniques for Exploring Large-Scale 3D Astrophysical Simulations
Chi-Wing Fu, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Wooi Boon Goh, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Junxiang Allen Ng, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Multi-touch techniques that deliver an effective exploratory interface to navigate the unique features of large-scale 3D environments such as astrophysical simulations

Graspables Revisited: Multi-Touch vs. Tangible Input for Tabletop Displays in Acquisition and Manipulation Tasks
Philip Tuddenham, University of Cambridge, UK
David Kirk, University of Nottingham, UK
Shahram Izadi, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK

Describes experimental comparisons of multi-touch and TUI input techniques for target acquisition and manipulation tasks on interactive tabletops. Demonstrates and discusses potential benefits of TUIs for both tasks.

The Design and Evaluation of Multitouch Marking Menus
Julian Lepinski, Autodesk Research, Canada
Tovi Grossman, Autodesk Research, Canada
George Fitzmaurice, Autodesk Research, Canada

Describes the design and evaluation process behind multitouch marking menus, including an evaluation of chorded multitouch gestures. Multitouch marking menus show performance improvements over traditional hierarchical marking menus.

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