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Papers/Notes: Everyday Gestures

Thursday, April 15
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

MAGIC: A Motion Gesture Design Tool
Daniel Ashbrook, Georgia Tech & Nokia Research Center Hollywood, USA
Thad Starner, Georgia Tech, USA

A system to help designers create motion gestures that won't be confused with peoples' everyday motions. Presents results of study and gesturing techniques invented by users to control audio player.

Protractor: A Fast and Accurate Gesture Recognizer
Yang Li, Google, USA

Describes a template-based gesture recognizer that employs a novel approach for measuring gesture similarity, covers rich gesture variation and leads to significant performance improvements; can run efficiently on mobile devices.

GesText: Accelerometer-Based Gestural Text-Entry Systems
Eleanor Jones, University of Bristol, UK
Jason Alexander, University of Bristol, UK
Andreas Andreou, University of Bristol, UK
Pourang Irani, University of Manitoba, Canada
Sriram Subramanian, University of Bristol, UK

A study of the factors influencing the design of accelerometer-based text-entry systems, incorporating a rich description of the design space, two pilot experiments and evaluations of two example text-entry interfaces.

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