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Papers/Notes: Remember and Reflect

Wednesday, April 14
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Pensieve: Supporting Everyday Reminiscence
S. Tejaswi Peesapati, Cornell University, USA
Victoria Schwanda, Cornell University, USA
Johnathon Schultz, Cornell University, USA
Matt Lepage, Cornell University, USA
So-yae Jeong, Cornell University, USA
Dan Cosley, Cornell University, USA

Presents a design rationale, two systems for supporting reminiscence using social media, and a successful five-month, 160 person field deployment that illuminates design and research issues around technology and reminiscence.

Involving Reflective Users in Design
Paula M. Bach, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois, USA
Michael Twidale, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois, USA

Designing Games for Learning: Insights from Conversations with Designers
Katherine Isbister, NYU-Poly, USA
Mary Flanagan, Dartmouth College, USA
Chelsea Hash, NYU-Poly, USA

This paper presents insights about designing effective and fun games for learning, gleaned from interviews with experienced game developers. Results may be of interest to designers of game-like experiences, also.

Now Let Me See Where I Was: Understanding How Lifelogs Mediate Memory
Vaiva Kalnikaite, The University of Sheffield, UK
Abigail Sellen, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK
Steve Whittaker, IBM Research Almaden, USA
David Kirk, The University of Nottingham, UK

A field study examining how and why different types of Lifelogs help remember past events or in contrast, support inferential processing in memory. Can assist in developing effective memory aids.

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