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Papers/Notes: Death and Fear

Wednesday, April 14
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

 A Death in the Family: Opportunities for Designing Technologies for the Bereaved
Michael Massimi, University of Toronto, Canada
Ronald M. Baecker, University of Toronto, Canada

Presents a web survey and interview study of the how bereaved people inherit and use personal technologies. Identifies design directions and opportunities for this population.

 Passing On & Putting To Rest: Understanding Bereavement in the Context of Interactive Technologies
William Odom, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Richard Harper, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK
Abigail Sellen, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK
David Kirk, University of Nottingham, UK
Richard Banks, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK

We report field evidence from interviews with bereaved participants and discuss how the HCI design space might be better sensitized to the social processes that unfold when bereavement occurs.

 Fear and the City - Role of Mobile Services in Harnessing Safety and Security in Urban Use Contexts
Jan Blom, Nokia Research Center, Lausanne, Switzerland
Divya Viswanathan, Nokia Research Center, Bangalore, India
Janet Go, Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto, USA
Mirjana Spasojevic, Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto, USA
Karthikeya Acharya, Nokia Research Center, Bangalore, India
Robert Ahonius, Nokia Research Center, Bangalore, India

This paper describes research focusing on perception of fear in urban context. Through presenting security service concept, it also acknowledges the potential of mobile services in reducing such feelings.

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