CHI 2010 | 10 - 15 April 2010 | Atlanta, GA, USA

Hold the icon on your postcard up to your webcam to experience AR.

We are encouraging anyone interested in creating an alternate AR interaction to submit an application for others to experience. See below for more details.

APPLE USERS: The default video source on the Mac is not the built-in camera. To select the right camera you need to right click on the blank area (where the flash should be) and go to Settings in the menu. Select the Camera tab and choose USB camera from the drop down menu.

Download and print all four postcards: Marker 1 Marker 2 Marker 3 Marker 4

Useful Links

Source code to this example

FLARToolkit start-up guide

FLARTtoolkit user community

Submit your own AR application

In the past year there has been considerable interest in academia and industry regarding Augmented Reality (AR) technologies and applications. Recent advancements in web and mobile technologies have made it possible to deploy AR applications and to enhance their content via social networking technologies such as Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter. The field is still young and there is a need for HCI experts and designers to explore this space and to begin to understand how to create compelling user experiences that utilize AR. Therefore, you are invited to join us in an experiment in social networking and augmented reality. We are leveraging the vast CHI audience and a set of enhanced postcards to provide the community with an opportunity to create AR experiences for a large base of potential users.
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For more information on this AR experiment, or to submit your application, contact Blair MacIntyre (

Submitted applications